Light in Room #1, Light installation, 2019

Video projected on the wall captures the projection of the text on the wall in the same room: “A thought turns into a digital code. The code transforms into a light, then reflects from the object’s surface. Refracted light, being re-coded again. Then, after a while, it is released into a wall of the room.”
The amount of light in the process of creating a work recompense the lack of matter or how we prefer: the ‘media asceticism’. The pre-digital approach to technology suffers from monstrous overruns of substance; we try to avoid creating objects, which we are also unable to store. We like compact media messages, in which the media genealogy is obvious and easily read. Working with the discreteness of the code and the light in the textual synthesis, we can come close to the nature of knowledge and in some sense get the keys to the sense of time.

Light in the Room #2, Light installation​​​​​​​, 2019

Media Ecology, the essence of which can be reduced to the separation between medium and content, requires the establishment of particular autonomy and brings in political dimension to the media studies.