Meeting place for Aliens
We were on the Documenta, and everything there seemed strange to us. We felt like people from another time and space, with completely different concerns and expectations. It was the same alienation at the Biennale in Venice in April. We shot a short film about this in the Back door Journalism style that we invented a few years earlier.
Interesting times in Venice
The video shows a not very successful attempt to get to the Biennale 58 exhibition in Venice during the worst flood in modern history. Anton wounded his legs with rubber boots so hard that he still has scars on both legs.
Homo Sacer at the Uffizi
The failed attempt to visit Uffizi Gallery in Florence or Aliens' backdoor view on the institutional events of contemporary art in the spirit of gonzo journalism.
Annual Report
Since 2014 Aliens have been publishing the annual report with verbatim and photo documentation of their nomadic artistic practice.
Common Body
The scroll of artists' private possessions was compiled on June 21, 2015, in the Dresden office where Marika Krasina and Anton Kryvulia used to live at that time.
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