Meeting place for Aliens
We were on the Documenta, and everything there seemed strange to us. We felt like people from another time and space, with completely different concerns and expectations. It was the same alienation at the Biennale in Venice in April. We shot a short film about this in the Back door Journalism style that we invented a few years earlier.
Surfers of the Apocalypse
All people on earth produce carbon dioxide and shoot short videos. We do the same. We drop such short videos, shot on a smartphone, into the archive. From that array, we render an endless random video stream. This stream can never be repeated, each time it presents a new version of the life.
Suspended by C D Friedrich we used to go there to film that crop of the crazy view over Děčín having no idea what it was for. We started in the middle of February. Russian officials condemned the `West` in warmongering and disinformation, going to attack Ukraine one week later.
Light in the Room
Video projected on the wall captures the projection of the text on the wall in the same room: “A thought turns into a digital code. The code transforms into the light, then reflects from the object’s surface. Refracted light, being recoded again. Then, after a while, it is released into a wall of the room.”
About Text
The video installation captures artists offstage by the light of text projection during Summer 2017.
Six Buttons
The first model on the basis of the Six Stones Matrix was outlined by Marika Krasina and Anton in 2015.
Moving Reutovo
Video from the Moving series, rendering the random circumstances of the life of artists in Moscow in February 2016.
We are the Watermelon Now!
Two years of constant drift were rendered in 18-minutes of slashing montage.
Why Pescara?
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